C Series - Product Description

For 3/8” and 1/2” Hose I.D

Unitract™ Series Low Pressure reels are ideally suited for plant maintenance or many other industrial functions where hose storage is a problem. Standard hose for air, water and oxygen/acetylene applications. Hose can be dispensed and retracted with greater ease and expedience than coiling by hand. The Unitract™ series fits easily into height restricted areas, and is a lighter duty reel. Designed for stationary applications; do not use on mobile applications.

Product Name: Hosetract Unitract™ Low Pressure

Swivel: Standard: Carbon Steel


  • Weighs 10 lbs. less than C Series
  • Unitized multi-functional hub arbor
  • 8 Position guide arm
  • Minimal size envelope permits installation where space is a factor
  • Simple design incorporates fewer parts
  • Single set screw to access latch area and spring case
  • Heavy gauge base with no welds
  • Reels shipped standard sf hose payout position
  • Available in Powder Coat